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Welcome to the LPTV Shop! This may be your very best opportunity to become a television broadcaster. the LPTV Shop will enable, at very low cost, new entrants into the Television Broadcasting business to shop, in one location, for everything from the initial LPTV Construction Permit (CP) issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to assistance in site location, equipment purchase, construction, programming and operation. Through our industry contacts, we will be able to offer numerous alternatives and suggestions that will make the pathway much easier for you. the LPTV Shop handles the licensing process from start to finish.   In addition we can assist you with locating and purchase of existing Low Power and Full Power Television stations.

But What is Low Power Television?

In the early days of LPTV the medium was seen as a local community service, primarily focusing on rural areas and niche audiences. LPTV service began to expand as the equipment manufacturers were introducing significant cost and feature improvements for all broadcasting components. It became possible for a crew of one to record programs with a camcorder and use them to offer a "watchable" television picture. The expansion of satellite services gave LPTV operators a wide choice of program fare from new networks, as well as the possibility of affiliation with established national networks. Every major television network, including NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX, now has LPTV affiliates in a number of Nielsen rated markets. Other networks, such as Univision, UPN, WB, TeleFutura, and PAX also have LPTV affiliates in many markets. The slow and steady growth of LPTV is really an important point to investors, since LPTV is not some new and suddenly fashionable business that is likely to be a flash in the pan. LPTV is a solid business which has grown gradually over the past twenty years.....at a measured pace with no surprises.

Isn't Low Power Television Out Dated Analog Technology?

NO!  New LPTV stations are state of the art digital technology, just like their full power counterparts.  An LPTV station operates in with crystal clear digital technology and offers multiple channels for viewers with just one license and transmitter!  Wow!  It's like your own mini wireless cable system!

Low Power Television is just a few miles of coverage?  

NO!  LPTV stations are authorized with thousands of watts and can easily cover an entire community or multiple nearby communities.  Unlike its Low Power FM Cousin - LPTV stations are much more powerful and can operate commercially or non commercially.  They can originate programming or operate as a translator(repeater).

The LPTV Shop looks forward to becoming your primary source for one-stop LPTV shopping. We are as close to you as your telephone. May we hear from you?

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